Lifelong Learning

Introducing Lifelong Learning Lectures

Application for Lifelong Learning Courses

Please apply either by phone or application form.

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Examples of Lifelong Learning Courses

A Tour of Tono’s Heritage Sites
Teacher and Participants
International Understanding Course
Yoga class
Aromatherapy course
Bird watching

Manabii Club

We provide support for classes and lectures held by citizens by securing places for activities and publishing articles in the city’s PR. We provide opportunities for presentations by cooperating in the operation of desired courses and exhibitions at the Citizen’s Art Festival.

Manabii Club

Youth Activities Support

Children’s Hometown Exploration and Discovery Club

This program is intended for elementary school 4th to 6th year students. We admit up to 40 children into our program, and they hold events five (5) times a year. The students engage in a variety of outdoor activities.

Hometown Exploration and Discovery Club

Children’s Go and Shogi Classes

In cooperation with the Senior Citizens’ Go Club and the Tono branch of the Shogi Association, we take on elementary and middle school students and hold classes for them 8 times a year.

Go and Shogi Class


Within Tono City and in surrounding areas, we have a wide-range of volunteers who serve as volunteer staff. From High School Students to Adults, anyone can help out with our projects.

Volunteers workshop

Support for Activities by the Society Education Group

Tono UNESCO Association

We provide administrative support to the association to promote its business and heritage preservation efforts.

Support for Activities by the Society Education Group