Tono Culture

Tono Culture Research Center

The Tono Cultural Research Center, which was transferred from Tono City, is engaged in discovering, researching, cultivating, and protecting Tono’s rich cultural resources.

Tono Culture Research Center Members

Term:2 Years

Head of the centerOHASHI Susumu
Chairman of the Selection Committee for the SASAKI Kizen AwardAKASAKA Norio
ResearcherODA Tomihide
ResearcherARAI Taku
ResearcherKIKUCHI Yayoi
ResearcherKISE Koji

Tono Cultural Forum

Once a year, a forum is held for cultural exchange and other purposes. The SASAKI Kizen Award is presented and lectures are given.

Tono Cultural Forum

SASAKI Kizen Award

This award is given to individuals or groups that have contributed to the promotion of culture by discovering, researching, or utilizing Tono’s rich cultural resources for the purpose of creating a vibrant city that makes the most of of its local culture.

SASAKI Kizen Award

Publication of the SASAKI Kizen Award-winning works collection

The SASAKI Kizen Award-winning works collection is published in paper book form. It is available at the Tono City Museum.

Award-winning collection books

Dissemination of Tono Culture

Side story on the publication of the Award-winning trilogy, including the first manuscript of “Tono Monogatari” (Tales of Tono)

In January 2022, “Tono Monogatari” (Tales of Tono) in the original handwriting of Kunio Yanagida (Iwanami Shoten) was published, which includes the first manuscript of “Tono Monogatari” and three other parts, as well as the first edition in one volume. This issue of “Tales of Tono” focuses once again on the “Fascinating Tales of Tono” and includes a side story of the publication with interviews with people involved.

Lectures for citizens

We conduct lectures for the public given by our researchers.

Lectures for citizens

Supporting the activities of the Tono Cultural Friends Society

We provide administrative support to promote the projects of the Tono Cultural Friendship Association.