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Book Sales

We sell several books published by our foundation. For those interested in purchasing, please contact us by phone or through our online contact form. A representative will reply as early as possible with information about availability, payment method, etc.

Yamana Sōshin, A Pioneer from Tono

Yamana Sōshin, A Pioneer from Tono

Tamonogi Sadao

Yamana Sōshin was born in Yokota Village, Rikuzen Province (modern-day Tono City). As part of his studies as a member of the samurai class, Yamana mastered swordsmanship, gunnery, Japanese mathematics, geography, surveying, land cultivation, and forestry. It is rumored that his hometown was destroyed by the Sanriku Coastal Great Tsunami on June 15, 1896. Many were awe-struck by the horrifying circumstances following the disaster, and Yamana, hearing the news, worried deeply about industry along the damaged coast. Thus he requested that the prefecture let him work as an investigator into the tsunami disaster. Seeking hints of recovery, he walked alone along 700 km of difficult coastline from Kesen Village (modern-day Rikuzentakata City) to Taneichi village (modern-day Hirono Town). He made his records without excluding a single casualty or home washed away, and it took him 40 days until his survey of every village was complete.

Price¥420 (with tax)
SizeA5 size, 317 pages 400g

The Papers of Mt. Hayachine Myōsenji Temple,
Fundamental Documents of Tono’s Religiosity, Scholarship, and Culture

The Papers of Mt. Hayachine Myōsenji Temple,
Fundamental Documents of Tono’s Religiosity, Scholarship, and Culture Tono City Museum

For understanding contemporaneous religious beliefs, folk culture, politics, and economics around Mt. Hayachine, there is a no more precious resource than the Miyamoto Family documents. These documents have been transcribed and published in this volume.

Price\2,280 (with tax)
SizeA5 size, 590 pages 900g

Kudō Senzō: Man of Tono
Kudō Senzō Kaisōshi

Kudō Senzō: Man of Tono, Kudō Senzō Commemoration Society
A4 Size, 241 Pages
Kudō Senzō Kaisōshi, Kudō Senzō Commemoration Society
A4 Size, 297 Pages

For fifteen years and two months, starting in December of 1966, Kudō was mayor of Tono City. During that time, he advanced projects including the building of the Tono Civic Center, the planning of the Country Park, the Tono Peer Plan, and the development of Kitakami mountain range.
“Go forth! And keep on going! You who love your home, you who will create your home’s future.” These words, written by Kudō and set in stone, are known well by our city’s residents.

Price2 Volume Set Price \1,400 (with tax)
Size2 Volume Set Price 1,200g

Kunio Yanagita translated by Ronald A.Morse Legends of Tono

Kunio Yanagita translated by Ronald A.Morse, Legends of Tono

Kunio Yanagita translated by Ronald A.Morse

In 1910, when Kunio Yanagita (1875-1962) wrote and published The Legends of Tono in Japanese, he had no idea that 100 years later, his book would become a Japanese literary and folklore classic. Yanagita is best remembered as the founder of Japanese folklore studies, and Ronald Morse transcends time to bring the reader a marvelous guide to Tono, Yanagita, and his enthralling tales. In this 100th Anniversary edition, Morse has completely revised his original translation, now out of print for over three decades. Retaining the original’s great understanding of Japanese language, history, and lore, this new edition will make the classic collection available to new generations of readers.

Price\1,100 (with tax)
SizeA5size, 84pages 205g

Tono UNESCO Association Books

The Tono UNESCO Association has published works such as the “The Legends of Tono”. They are known for publishing books that are easy for children to read.

These books are sold at the city facilities given below.

Tono Kaze no Oka Local Goods Shop, Tono Denshōen, Tono Furusato Mura, The Legends of Tono Museum, Aeria Tono, Tabi no Kura Tono

Children’s Fairytale The Legends of Tono: Volume 1

Children’s Fairy Tales, The Legends of Tono: Volume 1

「Legend of Tono’s Three Mountains」「Happiness-bringing Okunaisama」「Tale of Zashikiwarashi」「The Water Imp of Obakobuchi」「Tale of the Phantom House」「Oshirasama」etc., (16 stories in total)

Price\660 (with tax)
SizeA5 size, 78 pages 160g

Mama’s Children The Legends of Tono

Mama’s Children, The Legends of Tono

「The Old Man Who Tricked a Fox」「Oshirasama」「Tale of the Phantom House」「Okunaisama」「Zashikiwarashi」「The Water Imp of Obakobuchi」6 stories in total

Price\1,540 (with tax)
SizeA4 size, 46 pages 600g


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